Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches

Today, most of us are familiar with the varied benefits of BOTOX through reported medical studies, celebrity gossip mags, and news articles. Even though most of us know of BOTOX® Cosmetic as the top wrinkle treatment in the cosmetic industry, Botox injections are also recognized as valuable solutions for everything from excessive sweating to voice therapy. For constant sufferers of the severe headaches known as migraines, Botox injections are becoming well-known as a successful treatment.

In 2003, the World Health Organization estimated that as many as 303 million people worldwide suffer from migraines. With the prevalence and frequency of these debilitating headaches and the noted relief Botox injections often provide, many migraine clinics and plastic surgeons now offer Botox as a headache treatment. However, this was not always the case. Botox injections for chronic migraines were discovered accidentally during clinical testing for BOTOX® Cosmetic. When test patients who normally suffered from headaches reported fewer facial lines and fewer migraines, Botox began its progression from popular cosmetic treatment to medical remedy.

FDA Approval

UPDATE: After going through repeated clinical studies, Botox has officially earned FDA approval for the treatment of chronic migraines. Botox injections for headaches had commonly been administered by doctors and plastic surgeons as a viable treatment option, but it was only recently that the Food and Drug Administration officially weighed in.

How It Works

During a Botox migraine treatment, doctors make an injection into the forehead, neck, and shoulders where patients are experiencing pain and tension. The botulinum toxin is thought to eliminate migraines by reducing muscle tension and thus creating less strain on the nervous system. Not only can decreasing stress on the nervous system prevent migraines from developing, headaches that do occur are often less severe because Botox purportedly blocks pain receptors in nerve cells.

Are Botox Injections for Migraines Right for me?

The amount of injections or the number of Botox sessions required for optimal results varies from patient to patient. It's best to consult a trusted physician about the possibility of Botox as a migraine treatment compared to other available headache medications. Also, be sure to discuss with your doctor the specifics of your headache pain, and research all the possible side effects and risks prior to treatment.

Possible side effects of Botox injections can include sensitivity or discomfort at the injection site, swelling, light bruising, and possible bleeding. Many patients who experience Botox side effects remark that they're very temporary. If patients experience side effects for several days or more, they should immediately contact their doctor.

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