Botox Gift Certificates

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Thinking about giving the gift of Botox injections? We commend your creativity and thoughtfulness! For the right person, this is a fun, unique gift that will be greatly appreciated, enjoyed, and remembered. You might like to give a Botox gift certificate for any of the following reasons:

  • To surprise the pamperer: She's always trying out the latest cosmetic skin treatments. She gets massages and facials religiously. A free treatment of Botox Cosmetic®? Right up her alley! (And heck, who wouldn't want up to 6 months of smooth, more youthful skin?)

  • As a treat to the dreamer: She has been openly wishing for some skin rejuvenation, but hasn't had the funds to get it. Or maybe he complains regularly about how aged he looks with that forehead wrinkle, but has been worried that Botox isn't for men. In either case, a Botox Cosmetic gift certificate will be just the ticket!

  • To help the sufferer: Botox is more than just a cosmetic treatment—it is also commonly used to treat medical problems. More and more people are turning to Botox as an answer to their migraines and to excessive sweating (known as hyperhydrosis). So if you have a loved one who battles either of these problems, a Botox gift certificate could ease their pain...and make their day!

Whatever your reason for giving a gift certificate for Botox, you should certainly consider the person and nature of your relationship. (Obvious tip: don't spring a Botox gift certificate on anyone simply because you think they need it!)

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