Botox Information

Uses for Botox

While best known as the world's #1 cosmetic treatment for wrinkles, frown lines, and crow's feet, BOTOX® is also helping people overcome excessive sweating and even migraines! Learn more here.

Preparing for a Botox Treatment

Botox Forum offers a simple guide on what to know and how to prepare for your Botox treatment, including awareness of risk factors and what to ask your specialist during a consultation.

Botox Recovery Process

For the great results it achieves, Botox has a surprisingly quick and simple recovery process, with most patients returning to normal activities immediately after treatment.

A Brief History of Botox

Cited from a Fortune article which does a great background on botox as a cosmetic enhancement.

Alternatives to Botox

Botox is not alone, of course, in the world of wrinkle removal and facial rejuvenation. Learn about your other dermal fillers and options here.

At-Home Botox: Details on DIY Injectables

Home or DIY Botox treatments aren't unheard of, but the risks of undergoing the treatment without professional supervision are far too great for most patients.

Botox and Dentistry: What to Know

More and more cosmetic dentists are utilizing Botox injections to assist in popular dental procedures.

Botox by Numbers

Key numbers for botox interested statiticians.

Botox for Men: Wrinkle Treatment Expands Its Demographic

Over the past decade, Botox has become increasingly popular with male users, as its makers continue to market to a wider audience.

Botox Statistics: #1 Cosmetic Treatment Again in 2010

The latest numbers from the ASAPS show that Botox usage remains as popular as ever.

Celebrity Botox

Countless celebrities have been tied to Botox Cosmetic treatments over the years. See how the treatment became a trend.

4 New Uses for Botox in 2011

Still the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world, Botox also continues to reveal more and more potential benefits.

Latest Off-Label Uses for Botox

Best known as a cosmetic wrinkle treatment, Botox continues to prove beneficial as a treatment for many other conditions, from facial tics to incontinence.

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