Trucker Dad Gets Botox to Impress at Daughters' Weddings

by Barb Tate

Trucker Dad Gets Botox to Impress at Daughters' Weddings

When you think of the different types of people that tend to pursue cosmetic treatments, your mind might not exactly arrive at “New Jersey trucker dude.” Fifty-six year old truck driver John Sharman is definitely not the type of patient that you would expect to walk into a surgeon’s office for a jab of Botox. The Blackwood, New Jersey, man is a true blue collar guy— a steadfast big rig driver who, when he’s not hauling freight up and down the Garden State Parkway, is a big family man. He loves his mother and three daughters so much that he just could not refuse their insistence that he do something about his increasing age lines.

Men: The New Cosmetic Trend

There’s a new trend out there: middle-aged male plastic surgery. More and more men over fifty are seeking a wide array of corrective cosmetic surgeries. Right around their early forties, men experience drooping eyes, excessive wrinkling, turkey necks, and brows that shift down their faces like a landslide. Thankfully, the approval for male plastic surgery is at an all time high. Traditionally, women account for over 90% of cosmetic enhancements, but as it turns out, men want to look good too!

Simply, middle aged men are not content with “letting themselves go” anymore. The overweight, sagging, wrinkled image of the aging man might be slowly fading away as more men take stronger actions with their body enhancements. In a unique twist, older men are also using these quick treatments to look their youthful best at important corporate events, parties, and, specifically, their daughter’s weddings. Some guys, though, need a little nudge into the doctor’s office!

Now That’s a Good Lookin’ Truck Driver!

John Sharman found himself in a truly amazing and unique situation: all three of his young daughters were getting married within seven months of each other. The three women viewed the unbelievable situation as a perfect opportunity to convince their tough guy/nice guy dad to get a little work done. John was content with his aging appearance, but even he couldn’t deny that the stresses of work (along with the idea of marrying three daughters in a short period) had gnashed strong laugh lines around his mouth and crows feet wrinkling next to his eyes.

Intrigued by the thought of wowing friends and family he hadn’t seen in years with a polished look, John just couldn’t refuse a little Botox. Of course, the persistence of his daughters had a little something to do with it as well! Even John’s own mother didn’t let him slip by without at least talking to a doctor. A recipient of three facelifts herself, Charlotte Smith-Sharman provided a dose of wisdom for her conflicted son, “If you’re gonna be a truck driver, be the best looking one you can be!”

What Kind of Treatments Did John Recieve?

John was directed to Doctor Steven Davis, a board-certified New Jersey cosmetic surgeon. Davis used a wrinkle reduction applicator called Pelleve, which uses radio-frequency energy, to tighten his skin and initiate collagen production. The doctor then followed up with Botox injections around his eyes to fill in the crows feet effect and extra wrinkling. The final steps in the speedy doctor’s visit were a couple filler injections into the “parentheses” of John’s face— also known as smile lines.

It only took a couple weeks for the results to really show. As expected, John was the hit of all three weddings. He gained the certified seal of approval from not only his determined daughters, but old friends and family as well.

The little upgrades in life can make all the difference! If you don’t have an encouraging set of daughters urging you to stop in for a couple upgrades, don’t worry. Instead, hop over to Botox Forum and research your options for cosmetic enhancements or start searching for a board-certified doctor in your area today.

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