Botox Trends: 'Mummy Makeovers’ Increase when Kids Go Back to School

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

Botox Trends: 'Mummy Makeovers’ Increase when Kids Go Back to School

One in five mothers claim that they feel pressured to look good when taking their kids to school, according to a report.

The Harley Medical Group, a set of cosmetic surgery clinics across Britain, claims they have experienced an 18 percent increase in women wanting a ‘mummy makeover,’ according to The Daily Mail. Such makeovers include Botox, dermal fillers and facial peels.

A Harley Medical Group spokesman says that more mothers had been booking Botox treatments throughout June, July and August, compared to the previous three months. Aside from Botox, popular treatments include laser treatments for pigmentation and brown spots, as well as dermal fillers.

According to The Daily Mail’s report, the goal of the ‘mummy makeover’ is not a total transformation but rather to simply keep looks fresh and glowing after the summer holidays.

The Botox trend is currently booming in Britain, but America still dominates with its Botox obsession. Recent statistics show that the United States represents 45 percent of the world market for cosmetic treatments, followed by Brazil.

Other countries topping the global charts for Botox include China, Japan and Mexico. Italy, France and Germany rank at the top of Europe’s cosmetic surgery market.

Aside from receiving Botox and undergoing cosmetic procedures to look good at the start of school, mothers of newborns commonly use cosmetic surgery as a quick fix for losing baby weight and getting back to their pre-baby body shape.

“Full and mini tummy tucks are the most common type of post baby surgery,” a plastic surgeon and member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons told Harley Medical Group.

“A full tummy tuck removes fat and excess skin from the whole tummy and tightens up the muscles. A mini tummy tuck does the same but just for the lower tummy skin. During pregnancy, women can experience what’s known as diastasis recti,’ which is when the tummy muscles stretch apart so much that they form two columns with a gap in the middle. Although this condition can be improved with exercise, much of the damage is irreparable without surgery.”

Aside from tummy tucks, common post-baby cosmetic procedures include liposuctions as well as breast lifts and breast enlargements to regain the shape of the breasts. Many new mothers also undergo non-invasive stretch mark revision, a fractional laser treatment to improve the appearance of stretch marks. recommends to wait at least six months after giving birth before undergoing cosmetic surgery. The new mother should also restart an exercise regimen and resume eating a healthy diet before receiving any cosmetic procedures to regain a stable weight.

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