Their Lips are Sealed When It Comes to Botox

by Angela Santoriello

Their Lips are Sealed When It Comes to Botox

Really, we are going to start being ashamed of Botox when all we have done is boast about the magical age-defying serum for several years now?

According to Cosmopolitan’s Nicole Catanese, not only has she lied about it for the last five years, but there is a whole Secret Botox Society out there keeping their injections hush.

“My family has no clue. And I have purposely kept it from my boyfriend-turned-fiance´. And I'm not alone,” writes Catanese, adding a U.K.-based cosmetics business found 72% of European women hide their injections from their families and friends.

And it is the same here in the states, according to New York City Dermatologist Gervaise Gerstner, who said some even go so far as to divide the cost of the procedure in an effort to hide the purchase.

"Women will split the bill two or three different ways — credit card, cash, check," said Gerstner. "If they also came in for a mole check-up, we'll print out a sheet for their insurance and it won't have a whisper of Botox on it." Catanese reveals she is not alone, with many of her East coast friends in their 30’s also masking treatments with the lie that they are simply aging gracefully. But why the secret?

According to author and Dr. Eric Finzi, "People want to present themselves as naturally beautiful and that they're the real thing — it's more attractive to others."

Author of The Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Moods and Relationships, Finzi explained how many honest women fear "that they are not beautiful solely from their genes and good health, and that's where the taboo is.” But it’s not about what others think according to Catanese, who said covering up her lines has even tricked her into believing that the “hands of time aren't ticking.”

After keeping it covert, Catanese said she is “adopting a different attitude” when it comes to injections. “Botox makes me look good and feel good. There shouldn't be any shame in that,” she said. But in case Botox patients do want to keep their unwrinkled lips shut and their no crow’s feet eyes on the down low, Colorado-based Injector 5280 Proactive Medical Aesthetics advises how to hush treatments in the 10 Ways to Hide Botox report.

From tips to keeping it natural, rather than freezing up the brow and allowing no facial movement, to planning injections during vacation, there are almost a dozen ways women can keep Botox secret. Some suggested schemes are literally going through the back door of a doctor’s practice, maintaining regular treatments to “hold those wrinkles at bay,” avoiding alcohol and aspirin prior to procedure to avoid bruising and playing Pinocchio.

“If it comes up in conversation and someone ask you directly, be like JLo and don’t rule anything out,” reports Injector 5280. “If it’s a firm no, then you might get some backlash later.”

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