At-Home Botox: Details on DIY Injectables

At-Home Botox: Details on DIY Injectables

In a world where the standards for beauty are high and the price to look young and flawless is even higher, more and more people are turning to economical solutions to get the look they want. As a result, many have turned to at-home, do-it-yourself options that cost half as much as professional treatments and can be done from the comfort and convenience of their home. However, when Botox® kits started popping up on websites without any need for a prescription, medical professionals started worrying about the possible dangers that could ensue. In fact, there are many knockoff drugs similar to Botox® that may not be safe to use, and specialists want everyone to be aware of the possible complications.

Why Buy At-Home Botox® Kits?

Botox® is the most requested non-invasive cosmetic treatment. Just a quick and practically pain-free needle prick and patients are left with smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Since this treatment has become so common, and generally yields few side effects, many people forget that it is still a cosmetic procedure that requires proper application. The main reason many people opt for at-home Botox® is the cost. It is possible to get a Botox® home kit for between $100 and $200 online, without the need for a doctor prescription or a medical degree. Most professional Botox® treatments can cost upwards of $500, so a do-it-yourself kit is much more reasonable for the budget-conscious beauties.

Another reason people want to do at-home Botox® treatments is for convenience sake. With hectic schedules that barely leave time to eat lunch, women and men find it difficult to make it to the doctor for Botox®. Having treatments available at home is much easier and can be administered when most convenient.

Dangers of At-Home Botox®

When it comes to Botox®, most people forget that it is a highly potent toxin that paralyzes muscle tissue. What people fail to realize is that even though it is not surgery, Botox® is still a medical procedure that deals with a strong poison. If it is injected into the wrong area of the face or the wrong dosage is given, patients could end up with unintended results, such as drooping eyes, abnormal growths or loss of feeling. There is also a chance that more severe problems could arise, like disfigurement or blindness.

Even though many kits come with instructions and a map of the face where injections are meant to go, the process is so precise that it can easily be done wrong. Also, while some kits claim to be Botox® many are knockoff brands, leaving the consumer with an unknown product. There is always the chance that a product has been stored improperly or labeled incorrectly, so patients have no idea if it’s real or safe.

Some people purchase products similar to Botox®, like Dysport or Restylane, but these can be just as dangerous to use, as they contain many of the same active ingredients.

What About Botox® Parties?

There has been a growing trend of people having Botox® done by a professional in their own home. Botox® parties have become extremely popular, with people inviting friends over for a social gathering where they all get Botox® treatments. The ease of Botox® is the main reason these gatherings are so popular. While this is safer than doing it yourself or performing it on your friends, many physicians are opposed to the idea. Botox® injections should be administered in a controlled, clean environment like a doctor’s office, hospital or medical facility.

Sacrificing Convenience for Quality

Botox® is not a cosmetic treatment that should be taken lightly, and yet many people are doing just that when they choose to get at-home injections. If people are serious about getting rid of unwanted wrinkles on their foreheads and around their eyes, then they should speak with a certified plastic surgeon who has the skills and permission to administered Botox® treatments. With all the risks and complications that can occur with do-it-yourself Botox®, it may be worth giving up time and money to have it professionally done. If cost is a major factor, you can discuss your budget at a surgeon consultation, where you can learn all about patient financing.

If you are ready to bid good riddance to fine lines and wrinkles with the help of Botox®, then contact us today to find a licensed Botox provider in your area. We’ll set you up with a personal consultation and get you on your way to smooth, youthful skin.

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