4 New Uses for Botox in 2011

4 New Uses for Botox in 2011

by Marisa Amorasak

We all know that BOTOX Cosmetic® has been the go-to treatment for fine lines and wrinkles since the Botox craze in 2000. Over the years, it's also gained FDA approval for the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) and migraine headaches. It seems like Botox has the power to treat a huge variety of ailments, from cosmetic to medical. There have been some recent developments that have put Botox to use in even newer, more innovative ways.

Of course, these new uses for Botox are “off-label”-- that is, they aren't FDA-approved. Still, an experienced doctor can certainly administer these unconventional Botox procedures in a way that is safe and effective. If you choose to get off-label Botox, make sure that you research your specialist thoroughly and set up a consultation to discuss your Botox desires and expectations.

The Non-Surgical Nose Job

The non-surgical nose job, or Botox nose job, is one of the most popular new ways to use Botox. The solution is injected into the nose, which will result in a new shape and contour. It's particularly useful for people who have a “hump” in their nose that they want to get rid of; a quick injection into the dip of the bridge will cause it to swell, making the hump blend in with the rest of the bridge. Botox can even be injected into the nostrils or bulb of the nose to create a more upturned nose or one that's more downturned. Of course, the Botox nose job is also a great way to change the look of your nose without committing to surgery. But if your nose is very misshapen or you wish to decrease the overall size of it, you're better off getting a traditional rhinoplasty.

Pore Shrinking

Who would've thought? Botox has been found to be helpful for patients suffering from acne. Injections of the solution just under the skin paralyze the sebaceous glands, which are the culprits behind oil production. Pore size should reduce by up to 60%, and acne severity overall should decrease. The secret of Botox pore shrinking is a very shallow injection placed at the depth of the sebaceous glands. Botox for fine lines and wrinkles, by comparison, is injected into the muscle tissue a couple of layers underneath. Botox for patients suffering from acne and oily skin has been popular in Asia for quite some time, and it appears to be making its way into the United States.

Botox Breast Lift

Some doctors have gotten a little less conservative with their Botox usage and taken it to the breasts. A few injections right underneath each breast have been found to lift the bust in a way that rivals a traditional surgical breast lift. The injections weaken the pectoral muscles, which may cause sagging. Since the pectoral muscles are totally relaxed, this allows the muscles of the upper back to take over. A Botox breast lift will not create larger breasts. It may, however, create the illusion of larger breasts due to better posture. The Botox breast lift is not recommended to women with large breasts or a large build, as a great deal of Botox will be needed to see a difference. The effect of large Botox doses in humans are unknown at this time, but they are derived from a toxin (Botulimum Toxin Type A), so it's better to veer on the conservative side of Botox dosages.

Bigger Eyes

A tiny amount of Botox around the eyes can make them look wider, according to some Botox specialists. The procedure is particularly popular amongst Asian patients, but may be performed on anyone seeking wider eyes. The Botox is injected into the lower portion of the orbicularis oculi, which is the muscle that encircles the eye near the cheekbone. The injection causes the middle of the eye to sink downward, creating a slightly larger eye opening. It also creates a more almond shape that's widest in the middle and more narrow on the sides. The only issue with using Botox for wider eyes is that the orbicularis oculi muscle is the same muscle that enables the eyelid to shut. If there were a problem with the injection, the patient may run the risk of not being able to shut his or her eye.

If you're interested in getting Botox, contact us today! We can set you up with a Botox specialist in your area for a private, free consultation. There, you'll be able to discuss whether Botox-- either traditional or off-label-- is right for you.

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