Botox vs PurTox

Botox vs PurTox

Everyone has heard of Botox, which has been the leading non-surgical cosmetic treatment for many years. Its proven results in reducing the appearance of wrinkles has kept satisfied customers coming back again and again. Recently, however, Botox competitors have begun to emerge, including treatments such as Dysport and PurTox. PurTox is the newest Botox competitor about to emerge on the market, and researchers are saying that it’s even better than Botox.

PurTox is similar to Botox as it is also a refined form of botulinum toxin A. This toxin blocks neuromuscular activity that causes muscle tension and spasming, and can create wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, or at the corners of the mouth. Like Botox and Dysport, PurTox is injected into the facial muscles beneath the skin, causing these muscles to relax and skin to smooth as a result. Additionally, like Botox, PurTox injections typically take 10 – 20 minutes to complete, and a series of three to five treatments are necessary for best results.

Differences between Botox and PurTox

The primary ingredient and basic procedure of administering Botox and PurTox are the same. However, there are some key differences between Botox and PurTox. PurTox has been called a purer form of Botox than Botox itself. PurTox includes “pure” in its name, in fact, as it does not involve any surrounding hemagglutinin protein complex, like Botox. PurTox, like Dysport, has a higher concentration of human serum albumin. This difference means that PurTox is more effective than Botox, and results can be seen even faster than the results of Botox. This also means that PurTox requires fewer injections than Botox. PurTox also treats a wider area than Botox, offering more natural results.

Similarities between Botox and PurTox

  • Both Botox and PurTox were developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, and they are both forms of botulinum toxin A, administered similarly.
  • PurTox is expected to cost around the same price as Botox. Botox treatments usually range from $300-450.
  • Similar to Botox and Dysport treatments, PurTox patients may experience temporary headache, bruising, redness, or tenderness at the injection site. In addition to these common side effects, recipients of PurTox could experience allergic reaction, or drooping of facial muscles, although these are not common.
  • Conclusion

    PurTox is still quite new, and it will be a matter of time before we can really determine whether it is better than Botox or not. The idea that the formula is purer than Botox and could provide results with fewer injections will likely appeal to many individuals looking for a non-surgical treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. To find out more about how PurTox stacks up against Botox, call us today and arrange your free consultation with a injectable provider near you.

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