Botox Lunch Breaks: The Newest Mini-Beauty Trend

by Angela Santoriello

Botox Lunch Breaks: The Newest Mini-Beauty Trend

I would like a cobb salad with fat-free cheese, a diet coke and some Botox please.

Botox on your lunch hour is the latest buzz in the plastic surgery world, with women all over using their afternoon break for beauty matters.

“Women short on time are now turning to lunchtime beauty fixes to ensure they feel and look their best at all times, and there are no shortage of options when it comes to sprucing up on a limited timescale,” reported My Fashion Life, adding “Some are taking it a step further and regularly take advantage of lunchtime Botox appointments and non-surgical facelifts.”

And it is not just Botox that is offered up in a quick, to-go package. High-end salons in the United Kingdom are offering other pricey cosmetic procedures in a jiff. Some salons that cater to the stars like Daniel Galvin Jr. have clients feeling good while they are made to look better.

“Guests can also enjoy champagne and a gourmet lunch,” reports My Fashion Life.

However the afternoon lap-of-luxury treatments in parts of London have been brought into question due to a lack of regulation on cosmetic procedures in the UK. England’s National Health Service Medical Director Sir Bruce Edward Keogh, who also sits on the government’s Cosmetic Intervention Committee, said not all noted professionals are truly doctors and break time Botox treatments can possibly become precarious procedures.

According to the report, “unqualified individuals at unscrupulous and unregulated salons could be carrying out cosmetic procedures, leading to severe injuries to unwitting clients,” reported My Fashion Life, adding “a person having a non-surgical cosmetic intervention has no more protection and redress than someone buying a ballpoint pen or a toothbrush.”

The Ear, Nose, Throat Plastic Surgery Associates “Is Lunchtime Botox for You?” report blatantly asks “If you could reduce your wrinkles in a few minutes and head back to work without any recovery or downtime, would you do it?” If answered yes, then one can become a “lunchtime Botox” client according to the Orlando, Florida medical group. After the five-minute procedure, patients are “sent on their way and back to work within an hour, typically,” reports the group.

That is why it is so important to do your plastic surgery homework, according to a Plastic Surgery Portal report. Before having any type of cosmetic procedure, ensure the doctor is board-certified by checking his or her credentials as well as confirming the physicians’ certification.

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