Enlarged Prostates

We all know about the way Botox can treat everything from crow’s feet to hyperhidrosis, but recent studies have revealed yet another potential benefit of Botox injections: treating enlarged prostates.

Studies found that administering Botox to men who had an enlarged prostate actually relieved symptoms for up a to a year after the procedure. Thirty-seven men participated in the initial study. Participants received Botox injections directly in the prostate gland. Of the study participants, 73% noticed at least a 30% decrease in the urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.

Scientists found that the Botox injection causes the prostate cells to die off in a programmed manner through a process called apoptosis. The size of the prostate gland is decreases as the cells die off. The smaller prostate gland improves the urinary flow and helps decrease the residual urine left in the bladder. In addition to the cells dying off, the Botox injection paralyzes the prostate gland, helping to prevent further enlargement.

While there are certainly other medical treatments for an enlarged prostate, many of the them (such as the pharmaceuticals advertised on television) can lead to sexual side effects, including impotence. Botox treatments for enlarged prostate are promising because there were no reports of side effects from a study participant.

The study found that participants had noticeable results within just a week or two of the initial injection. The injection itself is a relatively simple procedure, and with long-term results looking promising, Botox is closer to becoming a very legitimate treatment option for the men suffering from enlarged prostates.

Enlarged prostates are very common. Half of men over the age of 60 will suffer from an enlarged prostate. 80% of men over age 80 suffer from an enlarged prostate. One of the most common symptoms of an enlarged prostate is frequent urination or difficulty urinating. At the very least, Botox injections may be able to reduce these frustrating symptoms, helping patients to live a more normal everyday life.

Studies on using Botox to treat the symptoms of enlarged prostates are continuing. Currently Botox treatments for enlarged prostates are not yet available in the United States. The promising results with recent study participants and the lack of side effects from the Botox treatments may soon make it a valuable and viable option, however. Hopefully, if approved by the FDA, the treatment will soon be available for enlarged prostate sufferers looking for a new option.

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