Botox Banishes Wrinkles and Improves Skin's Elasticity

by Angela Santoriello

Botox Banishes Wrinkles and Improves Skin's Elasticity

We knew it wiped away wrinkles, and now it’s been found to improve skin’s elasticity. Yes, it’s Botox to the rescue once again, with reports that botulinum toxin A has yet another great side effect, according to a JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery study.

"We found if we treat people with Botox using standard techniques, we see an increase in elasticity, which is what you'd see in people with more youthful skin," lead author Dr. James Bonaparte tells of the groundbreaking report.

The reconstructive surgeon and assistant professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada says "we're actually seeing evidence that we, for some reason, are getting more elastin and collagen in the skin." And the study abstract reports that “understanding the natural course that onabotulinum toxin A has on the elasticity of skin may help physicians understand why there appears to be a progressive reduction in wrinkle levels with repeated treatments.”

Starting with 48 women and ending with 43 in the nine-month study, results showed that women with “minimal mild wrinkles at the glabella and lateral orbit” who were injected with toxin A saw more pliable, elastic skin after a mere four months, leading doctors to believe Botox improves skin’s suppleness. “This study provides further evidence that there is an alteration in biomechanical properties of the skin after injection with onabotulinum toxin A,” claims the study, noting that results lasted three to four months.

Indiana University School of Medicine in Bloomington’s Dr. Catherine P. Winslow adds that further research must confirm the results as “we attempt to further our understanding of the biochemical impact on the skin.”

“Piecing together this research with continued studies on elasticity and collagen content of injected skin will further the ability of facial plastic surgeons to refine their strategy for long-term planning of anti-aging strategies with patients and educate them as to the importance of nonsurgical therapies for maintenance,” she continues.

According to the doctor, the notion of the toxin can very well open new fields of potential treatment options for tricky skin conditions as the toxin A injections are analogous to skin tightening through radio frequency. With counterintuitive changes “opposite of those associated with the aging process and UV radiation exposure and inflammation,” Science Daily deems “the duration of effect of these changes mimics the duration of effect of the medication.” The anti-aging results of Botox truly are becoming even brighter with each new scientific study!

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